Corderilla Ranch Garden Home Villa
This Garden Home Villa was custom built for my clients in Corderilla Ranch in the Hill Country of Texas. They had very specific ideas about style, color, and comfort as this was their getaway home to lock and leave. They came to me with photos of things they liked and colors of walls and the overall feel that wanted for this new home. Over time I was able to create a home for them that they truly felt fit their personality and also made room for things that they wanted to bring from another home in Santa Fe. So with painstaking detail we worked together. I listened to them and they were able to communicate very well with me. We clicked!! With long hours and hard work it all came together. We added a touch of softness and serenity for the master bedroom and master bath, and a jewel box for the powder room. The great room and the grand two story entry, however, was soring and full of light with bold faux painted walls. The client's selections of furniture for these spaces specifically had furniture that was a bit larger and comfortable with a color scheme that matched my client's photo of her dream great room. This home is now their home and it is not only functional, but stylish and full of their collections of beautiful sculptures and art that they had collected through the years. All of their collections found a home in this house and easily transformed it from a Santa Fe Adobe style to a Tuscan Villa, but not without a touch of class that as a designer I wanted them to add. I presented softer blues and not as much of a European look and a bit more transitional in rooms that were tucked away from the grand entry that had views from the entry into the Tuscan Villa stylish rooms. These bedrooms and guest rooms could be different and more charming as they were off the beaten path from the entry. They could be soft and easy on the eye and even have and a bit of a surprise for the guest room in a bold color of orange that was used in the Tuscan design. Overall the mix of styles and colors came together seamlessly. I know they are happy because I am still working for them to add more accessories and pieces in areas that are still a bit undone. I was happy to do it for them, because too many times designers want a particular look and don't give clients their look. I wanted this home to be my client's home with the things that fit their personality. It did not have to be perfectly designed to a designer's dream look. It was to be designed with the client's vision in mind with help from me as their designer to give that to them. I think we all succeeded in our own way to design and to give this client what they asked for. They are both happy and that is very fulfilling for me. Most of the homes where I am the interior designer, are liveable homes and not necessarily a staged or pushing the envelope to look like showhouse or model design. I design interior spaces to be actual living areas. Examples of those rooms are the family room, the extra bedrooms, the media rooms, etc. The powder room is the jewel box in the homes I design. It can be anything the client wants. It should look like a precious box of jewels or designer pieces that are the unexpected. The more formal areas like living rooms can be more of a staged designer driven room. I find other rooms are normally spaces to entertain and live in and should not have my clients worring about it looking a little unkept or perfectly staged at all times.