10,000 Sq Ft New Home Decorating Adventure
My client had recently been to Europe and wanted her new home to reflect elements she loved while on her vacation. We worked from a brand new house baseline and transformed it from a contemporary look to a Old World Design. We added a huge addition to the back of the house to enlarge the kitchen. The kitchen now was huge as in over 1000 sq ft and perfect for a family of 6. Well, not only 4 children but two dogs. One dog was a great dane and the other a pug. What a mix! The upper hall was glazed, fauxed, and rubbed to look like rain had come in and it was old and needing repair. The ceiling was done in a copper leaf and my artist created the home of my client's dreams. I know that this look is not for everyone, especially in the upper hall, but this was the vision my client desired and loved. We gave her the look and feel of old world and a touch of glam. What a fabulous project to have been laid at my feet.