High Rise Condo Living in the Sky
My client recently became a widow when I started this project. She was a successful manager of her husband's medical practice. When he passed away, she wanted to make their condo her own. We had already done "major" rennovation. We had dealt with plaster walls and hiding all the electrial into new dry walls. We had moved doors and replaced all moldings. In general, the basic foundation of this condo was recreated to be a newly rennovated condo that did not have all the old walls, doors and fixtures. We left the kitchen as it was. It just needed a bit of touch up with white paint to brighten them up. We added a dishwasher in the kitchen near the window. We created a new entry hall that added open areas with columns. This entry now was a part of the living area. We searched high and low for the size of the square parque wood floor tiles. They were only to be found in those rennovation/salvage "barns" as the size was smaller than the new parque flooring. We found them! We then added large crown moldings and baseboards. We replaced windows. We refinished floors. We added the built ins in the study and placed a day bed for guests in that room. The dining room set had been passed down for many years and my client wanted to use it. Luckily the dining room was large enough to accommodate it. Her master bedroom was created with an arch at the end of the room to place her new hand painted bed and night tables. I used the colors my client felt matched her personality. The rooms became a retreat for her and now was very feminine in style. All windows simply had a valance, custom made, as her condo was on the top floor. The only window that had operational shades was in her master bedroom. This was to keep the light out during morning hours. This was a project of love and one that gave her the home she dreamed to live in "on her own". She now felt quite at home. She removed most of the furniture that was on the masculine side so not to dwell on a love that had passed. In these photos you do not see it, but she had her stairway to heaven to a roof top patio. She could see for miles. She was next to the Washington Cathedral and never had to look far to see the sites of Washington D.C. This was a lovely woman needing her home. It became my dream to give her a place that soared to the skies of Washington DC. We worked tirelessly to make this happen as quickly as possible. We wanted to give her a home that was healing and beautiful for years to come. And yes, we stayed within her budget!