Linda Stotts' Former Showroom Photos San Antonio Texas
Linda's showroom was in Leon Springs, off of I-10 near Boerne. Linda choose this location as it was in an area that people in the Dominion or Cordillera could come to easily. She located her showroom next to HEB for a reason! But HEB wanted to expand and needed her space. She therefore closed her showroom after only three years of being open. The showroom was exciting and full of life and color. The showroom, while small, was packed full of ideas and products for any taste or style. Linda kept this showroom looking like a home. It had a personality with many different vignettes. It changed from week to week or month to month. New products and new looks were always coming in the back door. It was an exciting place for Linda to "live" in six days a week! It was a place for her existing clients or new clients and friends to enjoy. It was sad for it to close but here are some of the photos Linda will share with you. I think you will agree it was a place to enjoy and find something for you to take home with you.... Linda attends the International Buyer's Market in High Point North Carolina each year. This allows her to buy wholes and direct from all manufactures and vendors. There is no middle man when Linda buys for her clients. She does not buy locally unless the client sees something that she cannot buy direct or at wholesale prices.