Our Vision
INTERIORS BY DESIGN opened its doors in the Boerne Stage Market Square Shopping Center in February 2010. Linda had been in design without a showroom for over 20 years and enjoyed having a designer showroom to show not only her talent but to give the opportunity to purchase off the floor. However, recently HEB, the grocery store next to her showroom, announced their intention to renovate their store and would need her space.
Linda then closed her showroom in December 2012 and now operates out of her home studio with access to all the same exciting fabrics, furniture and accessories and full service interior design. Unfortunately the showroom will not reopen at this time, but please take a moment to look at the Gallery shots of her showroom before closing. It will give you an understanding of the quality and tasteful style Linda offers to those seeking interior design services and products.

Linda's new studio, while in her home, is spacious and clients are welcome to work with Linda there in conjunction with their home. For over 20 years Linda has offered design services without a showroom and will continue to be available for quality services and fabulous design ideas. Please take a moment to review the level of services offered. It is quite extensive.
To make the decision easier to choose Linda for your Interior Designer review the Testimonials section of this web site. You will note that the testimonials come from both men and women which speaks highly of her talent to work with all those requiring interior design assistance.